Our Process

COCOSOUL tender organic coconut water has a better composition of minerals like Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Zinc than some fruit juices

Fruit Selection

Cocosoul coconuts are carefully sourced and must contain 200ml to 1000ml of water based on the cultivator. We also avoid using mature coconuts as containing less water.

Natural Isotonic

Cocosoul is a natural isotonic with the same level of electrolytic balances as we have in our blood. 79% coconut milk

Excitement To Your Soul

Freshness tastes way better This is our secret. It’s the fluid of life, So to speak. Cocosoul makes excellent Lattes

Natural Sugars

Sugars that breakdown easily will give the energy that we need. Sugars in the form of Gulcose & Fructose forms the important consituent of the tender nut water

Healthy Breakfast

Cocosoul is purely plant-based, lactose-free. The rich texture with its smooth finish and a mild aroma make it an ideal drinking milk for people looking for a plant-based option to cows milk.

Energy In Smart Packages

We call it the Friendship Bottle. Scientifically Developed Multi Layered Packaging for all our Consumers Friends. We use BPA Free Bottles